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Adelle Foley
Poet Adelle Foley
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Poet Edwin Massey Jr.
Mary Rudge
Poet Mary Rudge
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Poet Dixi Cohen
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Poet Maggie Meyer
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Poet H.D. Moe
Poet Walter Liggett
Poet Walter Liggett
Poet Walter Liggett
Poet Teddy Weiler

Mother's Hen
is an organization dedicated to helping Bay Area poets, artists, photographers and organizations present their work to the community in which they live.

Started in 1971 by poet/photographer Louis Cuneo, and joined by artist/activist Marcia Poole in 1993, it has expanded its operation to include: the publication of books of poetry by the Muchos Somos Series & Mother’s Hen Publications; created, published and produces online the Open Mic Directory for the San Francisco Bay Area; founded and coordinated the Touch of A Poet Series; founded and coordinated the first 10 Berkeley Poetry Festivals; produced musical CDs; created and operated Lean Frog Graphics - for Print and Web; created and operates, a site for digital photography and prints by Marcia Poole and Louis Cuneo; and and has curated exhibitions for local photographers & visual artists in Berkeley & the East Bay.

Mother's Hen is community based and is non-hierarchical. The goal is to give working artists a chance to perform and contribute their voices to the community.

Haiku Revisited 2

Haiku Revisited Volume 2 by Louis Cuneo