Lir「Betting Platform Collection」ik dan Chord Lagu Help

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Lagu Betting Betting Platform Collectionplatform Collectionyang dibawakan oleh CarBetting Platform Collectionpenters ini kemudian dimuat dalam album mereka, Close to You.

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But now these days are gone

Em                                      Am

I'm not so self assuree-ee-ed

JAKARTA, - "Help" merupakan lagu hit The Beatles yang dibawakan ulang oleh Carpenters.

[ChorusBetting Platform Collection]

C     Am

( * ) Help me if you can I'm feeling down

Am             F

And if you do appreciate you being round


Help me get my feet back on the ground

                 G         C          F      G

Won't you please, please help me

C          F      G

Please help me

Album keluaran tahun 1972 tersebut sudah bisa Anda dengarkan di platform musik digital Spotify.

And every now and then


I feel so insecuu-uu-ure


I know that I need you like

   F            A#         C

I've never done before

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Verse I


When I was younger, so much

Em                                  Am

Younger than todaa-aa-ay


I never needed anybody's help

     A# C

In any way

Now I find I've changed my mind

          F       A#        C

I've opened up the door

Berikut ini lirik dan chord lagu "Help" dari Carpenters.

[Verse II]


And now my life has changed in

Em                             Am

Oh! So many way-ay-ays


My independence seems to vanish

A#           C

In the haze